Lauren Kaplan


Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa Lauren, was exposed from a young age to the creativity of her grandfather who painted and sculpted. She began creating pottery and ceramics more than 25 years ago drawing her inspiration from the African Bush and wildlife. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 3.33.33 PM.jpg

Even when living in Europe and the United States, her African roots remain a powerful influence in her work. Lauren also holds creative experience in architectural, structural, and interior design. 

Janet Jennings


Janet Jennings is known for her luminous oil and watercolor paintings. After working for Lawrence Rubin at Knoedler Contemporary Art, Jennings maintained a studio at Waverly Studios in New York City. She began as a Color Field painter, working on canvas and linen. After moving to Amagansett, NY in 1981, she switched her focus to landscape painting. Her career path led her to teaching at The Parrish Art Museum, Guild Hall and The Victor D’amico Institute of Art. From 1993 to 1998, Jennings was the Chair of the Andy Warhol Visual Arts Preserve Program.

Jennings maintains ties to the art community as an educator and curator. She is a member of the East Hampton Arts Council, an advocacy group for performing and visual artists of East Hampton. Ms. Jennings maintains a painting studio in East Hampton and currently teaches oil and watercolor classes.

Jennings received her BFA from the University of Dayton and attended The Dayton Art Institute, Antioch College and The Art Students League. Her paintings are in numerous corporate and private collections worldwide.

Meridian VIII. oil on canvas. 60w x 36h". 2015

Meridian IX. oil on canvas. 48w x 48h. 2017

Beginners Mind V. watercolor on paper. 22w x 30h". 2017

Kurt Giehl


Kurt Giehl is an emerging artist residing in East Hampton, New York.  Giehl creates subtly abstracted seascapes primarily in oil. After 23 years on Wall Street, Giehl decided to leave his financial career and pursue his passion for art full time.  

Avid fisherman, Giehl and his husband spend much of their time on the waters across the South and North Forks of Long Island.  His seascape paintings are all inspired from the numerous fishing trips in local waters.  Like so many other artists, Giehl was drawn to the Hamptons for the amazing light and natural beauty.  His seascape paintings highlight the subtleness of horizon – where air meets land meets water.  Each painting is orchestrated to not only capture the physical beauty of the east end, but to also capture a state of mind, atmosphere and aura of the images captured on these fishing trips. 

Drawing from his professional career on Wall Street, Giehl’s work is heavily influenced by the bold, direct and precise nature of his former career.  His work is an adventurous combination of hue and construction.  Breaking from what made him successful in banking, Giehl approaches each painting as a dynamic puzzle that unfolds itself over the creative process. 

Deep Blue, acrylic on board with satin finish. 30w x 42h". 2016

Salt Pond, oil on canvas with gloss varnish. 36w x 24h". 2017

Hicks Island, oil on canvas with gloss varnish, 18w x 12h". 2017

Bethany Brooke


Bethany Brooke is an abstract artist whose paintings are bold reflections of her journey through motherhood, a way to express her immense joy for life and visually channel her energy. Bethany’s work can be described as vibrant, emblematic and spirited.

Bethany’s career as an artist began after she left her job of nearly 10 years in finance. She honed in on her inherent creativity after the birth of her children. She openly considers herself “type-A" and a perfectionist, but the composition of her work is completely instinctual and sophisticatedly spirited.

Illusions IV. ink acrylic & oil on canvas. 24w x 18h. 2017

Tides Of The Sun. acrylic on canvas. 36w x 36h. 2017

Sean Knipe


As a young boy with a curious mind, he recalls his first encounter with the enchantment of art as a fortunate stroke of serendipity. 

He stood captivated and in awe of the multiplicity of designs oozing out before him, from white, to blue, green to grey shapes and colours moved before his eyes and as the paint dried it captured a movement of a second – a moment of life – never to be repeated again. 

Soon painting to him became a way of life, it was more than a just a form of expression it became his voice, his eyes his ears, his smell, his sense of direction. For hours at a time he would sit at the edge of his bed, pensive, quietly concentrating on perfecting a process of painting he wished to master.

It was a summer’s evening and I had just finished painting a much loved piece, I however decided to be bold and adventurous. I wanted to grow my technique into something organic and original. Having grown up in the sub-tropical climate of Kwa-Zulu Natal, summer months were mostly accompanied with tropical thundershowers. 

It was on a rainy summers evening, such as this, that I decided to plant my much loved piece outside in the rain. As the morning sun greeted my eyes the next day, I woke up with the lingering thought of my art piece that had been left out in the night rain. I belted out of bed and rushed out the backdoor to find my art piece still planted next to the shed. Before me existed forms, hues and textures that I had never seen before, I was ecstatic with what the rain had created! I decided to draw inspiration from the uniqueness before me and this was the start of how my technique developed.

Today Sean Knipe artworks can be found donning the homes of both local and international buyers, there is no doubt that this artist with over 20 years of experience and a degree in Graphic Design from the Technical University of Kwa-Zulu Natal is making waves in the world of contemporary art. 

His works have been described as that which conjures up feelings of growth, reflection, depth and synergy. This certainly resonates with the artist desire to create “art that moves you.”

As an artist he draws his inspiration from nature, exotic fish and the rich tastes and textures of gourmet food. His greatest inspiration is however the freedom he experiences when taking to canvas. His greatest desire is that every viewer of his art experiences a sense of freedom and is internally and infallibly moved when observing his works of art.

The Fallen Rise II. crystal formation: water, wind & sand on canvas. 59w x 40h". 2016

Desert Rose. crystal formation: water, wind & sand on canvas. 47w x 35.5h". 2016

Magma Sunrise. crystal formation: water, wind & sand on canvas. 35.5w x 60h. 2016

Samantha Rueter

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 5.40.23 PM.jpg

Samantha Rueter finds the heart of her inspiration in nature and the exploration of culture. Through traveling, observing, and immersing, she relates all forms life to a color, form, or texture.

Looking and capturing the world through her sketchbook, Sam works to engage abstract thoughts with structured, realistic shapes found in every day life.

Abstract Sketch. oil stick on paper. 2016. sizes vary

Abstract I. acrylic on canvas. 2016

Refuge. acrylic on canvas. 24w x 36h". 2017

Flora + Form

Flora + Form studio is a multidisciplinary exploration into creative expression. The inspiration behind my creative process is rooted in nature. Constantly striving to capture the abstract, nature provides endless variations of subtle form, color and texture.

My goal for any end product is to bring the energy of the natural environment inside the home while maintaining the object's ability to harmonize with the environment outside.  

Fungi Series. acrylic on cold press paper. 2016. sizes vary

Forms Of A Lily. acrylic on cold press paper. 2016. sizes vary

Elements of a Landscape. acrylic on paper. 12w x 9h". 2016

Renee Bouchon

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 3.38.18 AM.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 3.46.13 AM-2.jpg

Renee’s work seamlessly embodies the juxtaposition of quiet space and movement in a way that creates perfect harmony. Growing up in New Orleans, Renee found her passion for all things creative at an early age. From constantly attending art classes to the eclectic culture of the city, the ever-present artistic undertone of her surroundings evoked her love to create…and she’s been doing it ever since.

Renee’s work reflects a detail and depth that has attracted a devoted following of collectors and designers alike. For Renee, inspiration comes in all forms and she thrives off seeing how a little snippet of creation can transform any given space. She paints in gouache, ink, oil and acrylic while also exploring different mediums such as oil pastels and charcoal.

Indigo Ink Series. mixed media on paper. 11w x 14h" 2016

North of Houston St. mixed media on canvas. 18w x 18h". 2016

Grace. mixed media on canvas. 14w x 14h". 2016



Margaret Fitzgerald

Margaret Holman Fitzgerald was born in London, England. She grew up in Japan and the United States. She studied fine art and art history in New York City at the School of Visual Arts and the Art Students League. She also studied at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and received a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of New Mexico.

She currently resides and works in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has traveled extensively in Europe, Mexico and South America finding inspiration for her work in the art, architecture and urban fabric of these places. Recently she has been exploring the relationship of man to the natural world, the fragility of the natural world and its relationship to man and hope for the future. 

Sea Side. oil on paper. 30w x 22h". 2016 

Esperanza. oil on canvas. 72w x 72h". 2016

Lily Johannah Nicholson

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 1.08.51 AM.jpg

Australian artist Lily Nicholson, works from her studio nestled amongst the tree's. Experimenting with assorted mediums including watercolour, gouache, and ink she explores a wide range of mark making processes.

Her freely-scribbled, calligraphic and graffiti like works are extremely delicate, using a solid color field of mostly gray, tan, or neutral colors. 

Pomegranate Trees. Raspberry Bush. mixed media on paper. 29.5w x 37h". 2016

Baby Brain. mixed media on paper. 29.5w x 37h". 2016

Untitled Commissions. mixed media on paper. 29.5w x 37h". 2017

Laura Browning

My work is inspired by the classic California dream and timelessness of modern design from the mid 20th century. Focusing on the pattern and movement on light reflections in water.

I am intrigued by luminous color interactions, and iconic shapes that give glimpses of the idyllic California lifestyle.

Pool Series. oil on canvas. 2016. sizes vary

Evening Light. oil on canvas. 8h x 6w".  2016.

Pool Series Continued. oil on canvas. 2016. sizes vary

Kelly Rossetti

Kelly Rosetti’s conception of the human form is portrayed through renderings of loose and expressive figure drawings. Her work combines personal abstract elements to a technical medium.Much like an impressionistic painting, she depicts movement and lack of descriptive detail giving her work has a sense of delicacy.

Rosetti’s non-representational work begins with an unpremeditated blank canvas. Experimenting with action painting, she uses gestural and spontaneous movements while to create a chaotic webbing of patterns. As her work emerges she gives into the chaos, building the piece into a painting.

Figure Study B. charcoal & oil stick on paper. 2016. 11w x 14h"

Restoration Series I. mixed media on canvas. 48h x 48w". 2016. 


Figurative Studies. charcoal & oil stick on paper. 2016. sizes vary

Elise Black


Elise Black’s experiences in the fashion industry are reflected in her paintings. As a multi-media artist she is inspired by the combination of unconventional and organic materials.

Incorporating these various mediums together, she is able to create textural and dimensional works of art.

Mini Square I. mixed-media on canvas. 8w x 8h". 2016

Mini Square I. mixed-media on canvas. 8w x 8h". 2016

Mini Square III. mixed-media on canvas. 8w x 8h". 2016

Gee Gee Collins

Gee Gee's bold brush strokes and colorful palette combine to create layers of paint that give each piece a history and an ethereal quality. She approaches the canvas with ease and spontaneity, resulting in paintings filled with energy and movement.  It's the "joie de vivre" in her paintings and her strong sense of color and design which has quickly caught the eye of collectors across the country and abroad.

Gee Gee was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She studied painting at the College of Charleston and received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the University of Georgia. She also studied drawing and painting in Cortona, Italy.

Faces. oil stick on paper. 18w x 24h". 2016

Love Letter. mixed media on paper. 30h x 22w". 2016

Rothko. mixed media on paper. 22w x 30h. 2016

Cory McBee

My artwork is a culmination of experiences and training as both a classical artist and a graphic designer. My work uses various geometric formulas to explore key compositional elements, and bring them forward through my use of color and texture.

With influences ranging from Curtis Jeré, Paul Rand and Renaissance masters I discover the beauty in the evolution of the object, place and idea. The search of how to find myself is ever evolving and takes a transcendent journey through color, pattern and form.

Abstract Mini's. acrylic on canvas. 2017. sizes vary

Tranquility At Sea. acrylic on canvas. 14w x 11h". 2016

Flaming Abstract. acrylic on canvas. 2017

Laureen Vellante


Laureen Vellante creates impressionistic photographs that depict the ocean with an abstract interpretation. She began as a photojournalist and approaches her oceanic subject matter by telling a visual story.

Her compositions reflect the constant ever-changing life of the sea. Be it calm or ferocious, fluid or still, her photographs capture the power and fury of the water’s peaceful beauty.

She has traveled up and down the East coast in all sorts of weather and at different times of the day. Laureen draws inspiration from the sea, to which she is dedicated to give back and preserve.

In Flight. Palm Beach FL. 6:43 AM. photograph. 2016. sizes vary. 

Rock Harbor Trees. Cape Cod MA. 8:04 PM. photograph. 2016. sizes vary. 

Swift Wave. Palm Beach FL. 7:10 AM. photograph. 2017. sizes vary.

Annalisa Giusti

 Venezuelan based artist who's work is a combination of traditional and digital techniques. Her work is influenced by earlier Art and Design movements and personalities. 

Through minimalism and conceptual representation of forms, I try to communicate the efficiency and beauty behind simplicity.

Nude Series. ink on paper encased in lucite. 7 x 5". 2016

Chris Brandell

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 6.57.43 PM.jpg

Inspiration for my paintings is borne from a great deal of time studying the rhythmic rise and fall of things. It's a dynamic that has given me the opportunity to determine patterns and be able to second-guess them.  Thus, I’ve learned to be comfortable with the shadow of chaos as it repeatedly impinges on what should otherwise be orderly in life.  Realizing that everything shifts under our feet just as we gain balance, I have come to terms with the truth of the impermanence. This stabilizing force in my work has taught me to crave the uncertainty of abstract elements.  

Attempting to paint the underlying instability, I am driven by the desire to achieve the simple perfection found in Helen Frankenthaler's color fields and Marisa Purcell's abstracts. Using a variety of media on canvas and paper, I endeavor to subtract out compositional pieces with water and mineral spirits leaving behind the soul of the work.  I long for more and want the same for each observer.  If I can engage my audience to reflect on their own experience of each painting (whether the components are visible or missing), then my work is complete.

Unaffected. mixed media on canvas. 30w x 40h". 2017

Inviolable. mixed media on canvas. 30w x 40h". 2017

Ethos. mixed media on canvas. 40h x 40w". 2016