Kelly Rossetti

Kelly Rosetti’s conception of the human form is portrayed through renderings of loose and expressive figure drawings. Her work combines personal abstract elements to a technical medium.Much like an impressionistic painting, she depicts movement and lack of descriptive detail giving her work has a sense of delicacy.

Rosetti’s non-representational work begins with an unpremeditated blank canvas. Experimenting with action painting, she uses gestural and spontaneous movements while to create a chaotic webbing of patterns. As her work emerges she gives into the chaos, building the piece into a painting.

Figure Study B. charcoal & oil stick on paper. 2016. 11w x 14h"

Restoration Series I. mixed media on canvas. 48h x 48w". 2016. 


Figurative Studies. charcoal & oil stick on paper. 2016. sizes vary