Renee Bouchon

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Renee’s work seamlessly embodies the juxtaposition of quiet space and movement in a way that creates perfect harmony. Growing up in New Orleans, Renee found her passion for all things creative at an early age. From constantly attending art classes to the eclectic culture of the city, the ever-present artistic undertone of her surroundings evoked her love to create…and she’s been doing it ever since.

Renee’s work reflects a detail and depth that has attracted a devoted following of collectors and designers alike. For Renee, inspiration comes in all forms and she thrives off seeing how a little snippet of creation can transform any given space. She paints in gouache, ink, oil and acrylic while also exploring different mediums such as oil pastels and charcoal.

Indigo Ink Series. mixed media on paper. 11w x 14h" 2016

North of Houston St. mixed media on canvas. 18w x 18h". 2016

Grace. mixed media on canvas. 14w x 14h". 2016