I create things because it brings me to life. I do not approach a creative activity with utilitarian force: rather with the purpose of bringing to fruition that which dwells within my heart and mind. Although I often have a plan or inspiration for a piece, I try very hard to detach myself and my ego from the outcome. I strive to surrender to the process and to the materials by letting them take the lead.
Using the encaustic process has been a very liberating approach to my work. I knew the very minute I started melting huge chunks of wax with a strange tree resin, I had finally found the medium that would change my artistic direction. I spent my entire mixed media commission to set up my studio. Using wax, demar resin & a tac iron. I scoured the town for tools, hot plates, torches and containers.  While I waited for my supplies to arrive, I devoured books, videos, webcasts...anything I could get my hands on. These pages are the results of my work.