My background in art is not one with a traditional path. While always having a general interest in the arts, it wasn't until three years ago that I began pursuing a lifestyle in art. My professional background is in Environmental Studies with a specialty in sustainable agriculture. However, after finding myself with a creative void, I began painting as a hobby. Through much experimentation, I am beginning to find my own voice in the pieces I create. I feel most drawn to working with paper and acrylics. The texture of the paper combined with the ability to manipulate the paint in many different ways, and how the two become one with each other is what provides the most satisfaction for me. Although my portfolio is composed of abstract paintings, those abstracts are almost always inspired by the natural world. Plants and landscapes in particular play a recurring theme in my work. The many forms of nature convey different images and emotions to an individual; for me, they are the most pure feelings of peace and excitement coinciding. This emotion is what I attempt to translate into my work. 

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