Peacock Wave

Peacock Wave

$395.00 USD

Laureen Vellante's photographs reflect the constant ever-changing life of the sea. Be it calm or ferocious, fluid or still, her images capture the power and fury of the water’s peaceful beauty. Taken in Palm Beach FL.

Artist: Laureen Vellante

Medium: Digital C Print



19.5w x 13h  Portfolio Print Unframed $395.00, Edition of 150

23w x 15h Framed  $850, Edition of 50

33w x 25h Framed $1800, Edition of 50

42w x 28h Framed $2800, Edition of 50

50w x 34h Framed $3200, Edition of 50

66w x 40h Framed $4800, Edition of 50

Custom sizes and framing are available for commission. Size will vary by ratio of image. Please contact May be printed on plexiglass, matte mounted to aluminum, or under museum plexiglass with frame.